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Mike Bellotti

Debut single titled Sixty on Sixty, from his soon to be completed EP titled Passages, will impact radio on July 4, 2012.

Available for download on iTunes, Amazon, and all other services at CDBaby.

OM, SM, PD, MD and DJ: Radio Station mp3 is available from PlayMPE, Airplay Direct or click HERE to request station copy

Originally from the New York City area, Mike is based near Chattanooga, TN, where he’s been writing songs for over 25 years. With the encouragement of friends, who’ve enjoyed his original songs, he got his songwriting break hooking up with Crowe Entertainment in Nashville. Mike’s music follows the tradition of contemporary folk, and is most influenced by the styles of John Prine, Tom Petty and Gordon Lightfoot.

Mike’s lyrics tell stories that relate to our everyday experience and emotions. His songs speak of people,  time and the pathways we follow. His stories reflect on life’s ironies, its hope and also its humor.

Mike has traveled extensively through most of the United States and abroad. His visits with  people and places provide ample material for his lyrics. 

Along the way, Mike also  has published a book of photographs, “Views From Here”.  When he’s home in Tennessee, Mike sings and plays guitar in Brownhaven, a local coffee house band.  He has performed solo at the Bluebird Café in Nashville, as well as other Tennessee venues.

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